is a technology solutions provider that designs, produces, and supports an advanced electric-powered Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Aerovironment’s comprehensive EV charging solutions support government agencies and businesses. These solutions incorporate charging, data collection, grid-integration communications, installation, and training.

Cogenra Solar

is a distributed solar cogeneration company that combines photovoltaic electricity production and heat collection to deliver low cost heat, cooling, and electricity for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Cogenra’s solution enables on-demand renewable energy below utility rates while reducing natural gas and grid-fed electricity consumption. Cogenra is located in Mountain View California.

GreenSun Hawaii

offers innovative financing programs to make renewable energy systems affordable for homeowners, businesses, and non-profits. The GreenSun Legacy Program offers lower interest rate and longer term loans from participating lenders. The GreenSun Capital Access Program increases access to capital through a credit enhancement program. This enables participating lenders to consider loans that fall just outside of conventional underwriting standards.

Volta Industries

Founded by local entrepreneurs Chris Ching and Scott Mercer in 2010, Volta has a proven track record in the design and installation of EV charging projects in Hawaii and California, including the first charging station for the state of Hawaii at the state capital in July 2011.

The Zephyr corporation

was founded in 1997 as a specialist manufacturer of small wind turbines. Comprised of industry, academia, and government, the consortium’s efforts resulted in the Air Dolphins series, which is the world’s highest power to weight ratio small wind turbine. Zephyr is focused on using it’s technology achievements to make a major contribution towards preserving  the global environment.