Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Clouds. Rain. Night. Day. If there is wind, you can generate electricity.

Fixed photovoltaic systems by their nature generate electricity approximately six hours each day, weather permitting.  For all its’ advantages, this means a photovoltaic system is idle 75% of each day.

A wind energy system can substantially increase the hours of on site energy production.

If your site is suitable for a wind turbine, you can continue to generate electricity during photovoltaic system downtime.

Commercial wind turbine installations up to 100 KW are eligible for 30% federal and 20% state tax credits.

Boss Enertech is an authorized installer of the Air Dolphin wind turbine. Producing more energy per pound of weight than any other small turbine, Air Dolphin features:

  • Durable aluminum and carbon fiber construction suitable for marine environments
  • Low cut-in speed to allow operation in light breezes
  • Automatic slow down to allow operation in severe storm conditions
  • Swing rudder system for improved power production
  • Noise-mitigating rotor design
  • Overall light weight simplifies installation and lowers costs

The Air Dolphin connects to 120/240 or 120/208 volt residential and commercial electrical systems. Air Dolphins are available in 48 and 24 volt DC models for off-grid applications such as Telecom, Microwave and remote instrumentation sites, both on and off shore.

Designing a wind energy system is not a simple process, with issues ranging from wind resource estimation to permitting and zoning restrictions. Boss Enertech can evaluate your site and help you determine if wind energy is appropriate.