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Commercial Photovoltaics

Using your roof space to reduce recurring energy costs or generate revenue is smart business. A commercial photovoltaic system can pay for itself in 3 years and substantially offset your energy costs for 20 or more years. As an alternative, participating in HECO's Feed In Tariff program can provide your business with a monthly revenue stream.

Residential Photovoltaics

Homeowners with a $200.00/month electrical bill can expect to pay $80,000.00 in energy costs over 20 years. A photovoltaic system can reduce or eliminate these energy costs, pay for itself in several years, and produce electricity for your home for 20 or more years.

Wind Energy

A wind energy system can complement a photovoltaic system by generating electricity at night or when sunlight is limited. In addition to power production, Air Dolphin wind turbines can serve as a design element on commercial structures, visually demonstrating an organizations' commitment to renewable energy.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Hawaii law now requires all public-accessible parking lots of 100 or more stalls to be equipped with one Electric Vehicle charging station. Standard AC or Fast DC charging stations are available, with various permissions of use. Renewable powered charging can accomplished by adding a photovoltaic or wind system.


State and Federal renewable energy tax incentives can offset 50-65% of the capital costs for a wind or photovoltaic system. Adding accelerated depreciation and high energy costs result in an excellent return on investment for these systems. Electric vehicle and charging stations also qualify for Federal tax rebates.

Clean Energy Finance

The initial costs of a renewable energy system can appear daunting, but we can explain in clear terms what your actual costs are, along with your return on investment. In addition to this analysis, our financial partners can assist your family or business with alternatives to an outright purchase.

Solar Cogeneration

A Cogenra system utilizes hybrid technology to provide solar hot water and electricity. Capturing up to 75% of the sun's energy, Cogenra produces more energy per square foot than either conventional photovoltaic or hot water systems.

Energy Efficiency and Smart Metering

Careful analysis of existing electrical systems and application of efficiency improvements can result in significant financial benefits. Our experienced design team and LEED Accredited Professional designer can evaluate your energy profile and suggest solutions to reduce it. These solutions may include water heating options, lighting upgrades, and high efficiency appliances and motors. In some cases rebates and tax credits are available.